Welcome to Homeworks
"Your dwelling spells your personality and it should be as unique and magnificent as you!" -Rubina Chadha

Coming straight from the timeless and classy, Rubina Chaddha, Homeworks is a high end endeavour to bring a sense of belongingness between your soul and home. As a young child, Rubina knew that there has to be something in the home to make your heart want to be there even more, and this something can be no better than splendid interiors that invoke a feeling of "connect".

With this conceptualisation and a vision to create "posh" and positive aura in the home, Rubina gave her passion a concrete form in "Home Works". Going over and beyond the basics, Homeworks is the exclusive brand with in-house production of absolutely glamorous and customizable home interior items and coordination of these interiors with everything else that a home has.

They say beauty comes from within, but it becomes enchanting when it stands in "harmony with the outside." Homeworks is dedicated to bring this enchanting appeal into your house by coordinating every piece of furniture with the overall interior elements of your house. Giving a personalised touch to all the elements of your house, Homeworks is brand that has customisable solutions for everything. “We create what you imagine and make your home a “dream world!”

If you want to live in a house where thoughts meet reality, earthly becomes divine and everything spells class and luxury, Homeworks is your Oracle of Delphi! Book an appointment today to know how luxury can slip into your home without falling heavy on your pocket!